Meet the new hate. Same as the old hate.

Trigamy? Really?

You know what? I don’t even care about this. Here is what I think about Kim Davis. I think her brand of religion causes her to feel guilt and shame about her past. So now, in order to feel ‘worthy’ she has to fight against what is perceived to be the easiest discrimination to practice – that being against the gay community. Ah, but therein lies the rub! The LGBTQIA community has had enough! And with support from allies and the recognition of the court, they have been vindicated, albeit in a small way. All the suffering and abuse doesn’t just get washed away because of the SCOTUS ruling. We still fight, and fight to educate, and will continue to do so until ALL citizens have full and equal federal protection. Or until these RWNJs die off – whichever comes first.

Taylor Statute

Kim Davis Gets An Award For Breaking The Law To Discriminate Against Gay People


Here is a picture of the award I would present to her

images (3)


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