Oh ye that deny them an education


Patty Kinkead pulled her kid out of the Bristol Tennessee school system, and now she is organizing a rally protesting some history of Islam that is being taught as part of a world history class. Mrs. Kinkead, you have no dog in this hunt. Shit stirrers, lick your spoons.

Denying students – ALL students, not just the ones with Christian mommies or daddies, the right to an unbiased yet factual education is just wrong. This form of Christian idiocy is dangerous in its ignorance. Don’t we all want our kids to have more, be more, than ourselves? Why do these people think that eliminating a part of world history (or science, literature and art) is in a child’s best interest? In reality this sets their little darlings up for tremendous failure once they reach the “real world”.  I understand this all too well, because I lived it.

As a child growing up in the seventies and early eighties, the importance of an education was never discussed. There were no conversations about what I wanted to be when I grew up and left to seek my own way in the world. Frankly, I don’t believe my parents thought I would ever venture too far from them.  In blissfully ignorant fashion, I had no thoughts or experiences beyond the edge of my yard, the boundaries of our church doors. Had emphasis and encouragement been placed on education my life’s path would have been very different. But I did not know that at the time. What I did know was my religion.

Now by way of a woefully lacking, piecemeal, take what knowledge and experience you can from any source you can self-education, I recognize that same dogma as it rears its bigoted head on an almost daily basis. It tries to let out a roar, but thankfully it comes across as more of a mewing sound, not quite faint enough to be ignored completely but still loud enough to be annoying. And it is. To those of us who might be labeled as progressives but instead simply see ourselves as part of the human family, we try to shrug off this uncomfortably binding shroud of ignorance and intolerance, for we know that unless we do, we will not survive as a species.

The Christian attitude that they are the only ones who matter is just one of the many reasons I have no use for organized religions. I can be a stupid bigot without giving God the credit, or the blame, for it. I just have chosen not to.

Students to learn about Islam in Tennessee


2 thoughts on “Oh ye that deny them an education

  1. I witnessed the afore-mentioned protest. From across the street. Standing inside my classroom. I reassured several students that “those crazy people” (their words, not mine) would not come inside our school building, although a few students had witnessed one of the “peaceful” protestors verbally berating one of our faculty while she silently stood on bus duty.

    Of the 100-ish protestors, less than a handful had children in our school system. The protest organizer admitted to a news reporter she had not even read the social studies curriculum standards in question, citing she “just knew” what was in them. She misrepresented (not merely misquoted) a conversation held between herself, a school administrator, and a teacher. She also lied to her fellow protestors that students were being test on Islam concepts that week when the unit had not even been begun.

    These people are dangerous, not only to education, but to American society. They offer the “Christian” version of the Sharia law they loathe.


  2. Reblogged this on The Running Grammy and commented:
    This happened over a year ago. At my school. Somehow, the hatred has become like a cancer -metastasized from our president (who lost the popular vote , yet believes he has a mandate) to our neighbors. We need to find a cure…


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